8 mo old Mari is pulling Paris's tail

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Today was a short day for me

Today seems like it barely happened. My mother woke me up at 6, I know, how very high school, because my alarm did not go off at 430 am as I had planned. And that was because at almost midnight last night I had accidently set it for "PM" not "AM".
I did get everything done I normally do, dress us all, feed Shawn and Amari and the puppies and walk Paris, in about 30 minutes. I had wanted to do yoga but there was no time at all. Kind of starts my day off better.
In running class my sister Beth and I ran two laps and walked one. We made a mile and a half today. I'm getting better but I need to start stepping it up and working out every day. Tomorrow I plan on going to the wellness center directly after Math and doing the elliptical for 30 minutes.
I had Mastering Lifetime Learning Skills and today we had a guest speaker that was obviously not used to doing such things. She was very nervous and kept cracking jokes that weren't terribly funny.
Lifespan Development was good, I adore the professor. She is a nut and I love it. I always come away smiling. It's got to be hard to have 300+ students and still keep it personal feeling.
I then walked to Scobey Hall, way out of my way where I was supposed to retrieve my 2nd draft of my english paper but the mail room was locked. I still don't know what the deal is, hopefully the professor will bring it to class with her so I can at least look at it before I hand in my final draft.
I had lunch, a turkey sandwich with Mom and Beth, and then went to Spanish.
Beth picked up the kids early and we went home. We took the dogs to the pasture along with the kids and played for about 45 minutes and then went in, I took a nap, got up and ate dinner and then chilled with Shawn and Amari and then put them to bed. I did a little homework and here I am. Bloggin and playing Petville.And about to go to sleep. Goodnight!